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April 14, 2019

Sunday of the Passion


10:00 AM  Eucharist with Music & Sermon


The Rev. Dr. Kwasi A. Thornell

Celebrant Preacher





 We are a welcoming community, open to people of all races, young and old, gay and straight, those who are rich or poor of varying educational levels, suburban or urban. We are a diverse multi-racial congregation of approximately 130 members with a proud Afro-Anglican heritage and history. Our liturgy and music draw from African-American and traditional  Anglican sources. Read More...

Holy Week

Palm Sunday, April 14th,  10 AM Service 
Maundy Thursday, April 18th Service at 7 PM with Foot Washing
Good Friday, April 19 t5h, 12:00 - 1:30 PM, A service of Sacred Music, Prayer, and the Word
                Destiny Muhammad, Harpist
                Selna Soberal, Jovani Tuitasi, singers
                Ben Flint, Music Minister
Easter Sunday, April 21st, 10:00 AM, A Celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord


Church Groups

  We invite you to participate in our Church Groups; Sunday School, The Choir, Blessing Team - Stewardship, ECW (Episcopal Church Women), Book Club * New, Saint Monnica's Guild. SASS (St. Augustine's Seniors with Spirit), Social Justice Committee, One Good Meal Food ministry (Started in 2011) Pastoral Care, Prayer Group. Read More...

Parish Calendar

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The Holy Eucharist

Assemble in Bakewell Hall

The Liturgy of the Palms

Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord.

Peace in heaven and glory in the highest.

Celebrant    Let us pray.

Assist us mercifully with your help, O Lord God of our salvation, that we may enter with joy upon the contemplationof those mighty acts, whereby you have given us life and immortality; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

The Passion of Our Lord according to Luke...

 Call to Worship Continues...

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

“If you desire to praise him, then live what you express. Live good lives, and you yourselves will be his praise.”


To grow God’s church and serve God’s people in our worship, which reflects the richness of the African American culture, and through educational and outreach programs to the community. We welcome all who wish to join us in witness to God’s love, empowerment and mercy.


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