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Social Justice Committee Update

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The mission of the Social Justice Committee at St Augustine’s is to serve God’s people by advancing human rights and equality at every level of society. We will educate our Church, advocate in our community and integrate with the church’s other ministries. We will partner with other faith groups, community organizations and social movements to advance the mission.
In conducting this mission we are joining in the national movement, led by Sojourners, for local churches to take the Matthew 25 Pledge: Sojourners have been working to help this nation heal and resist, bringing people of faith together to protect those populations who are most targeted in the Trump era. We and our partners have called this movement the Matthew 25 Movement.
We are considering the following projects:
Voting Rights and Voter education: The social justice committee will conduct voter education and poll worker training to increase capacity and interest amongst the African American community of Oakland and the East Bay to protect voting rights for all people. The Committee will conduct voter education, including using our church as a practice voting place/ voting booth; and we will provide training for parishioners to be poll workers. 
Interfaith solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We are considering in meeting with the Lighthouse Mosque, which is a predominantly African American mosque in Oakland-- to build connections and consider how we can do joint community service with them. One idea is to do a joint food pantry, or food-service related outreach ministry.
Book reading: We are considering reading the Rev. William Barber III's book The Third Reconstruction, in order to learn more about the interfaith social justice ministry that Rev. Barber is leading in North Carolina, called the Moral Mondays movement, to resist the anti-poor, anti-public education campaign of the North Carolina legislature. We are hoping that the UBE will have Rev. Barber come and speak to us early next year at Grace Cathedral.
What are other ideas that people in the congregation are interested in pursuing? If you have an idea, please let us know if you are interested in championing the idea, i.e. helping the Committee by being a leader for implementing that idea. Please give us your name and contact information, and we will follow-up with you. 
More information to follow. After taking into account your feedback, we will make an announcement in church about the direction the Committee will take.


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