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Blessings on Your Stewardship Journey!
St. Augustine's Blessings Team


The Blessings Team is St. Augustine's stewardship committee.
We seek to raise awareness of God's gifts, encourage the congregation to give thanks for them, and help discern how we are called to use them in God's world. These gifts include time, vocation, and the spirituality of money, all of which lend themselves to the ministry of St. Augustine's.

Our main projects for 2012 were the Equipping the Saints Campaign, the annual pledge drive, and the annual stewardship brunch. In early 2012, an anonymous donor pledged $7,000 to St. Augustine's if the congregation matched it. We began the campaign in March, and in September we announced that the congregation had matched the $7,000. The pledge drive, begun in October, has thus far resulted in 76 pledges, up from 62 in 2012. Other efforts of the Blessings Team have included identifying a young man, not associated with the church, to give the Father's Day sermon, sending thinking-of-you notes to parishioners who are or have experienced distress, follow up cards to visitors, and get well cards to the sick and shut-in. We also distribute gift bags to visitors and greet visitors after church.

Being A Steward:

Being a good steward implies more than the giving of money. God wants most of all, not our money, but ourselves. In writing to the church in Corinth, Paul used the Macedonians as an example of generous giving. Even as an impoverished people, the Macedonians gave so freely because, as Paul wrote, "...they gave themselves first to the Lord" (2 Corinthians 8:5). Only when we have given ourselves, through faith, to the Lord are our possessions acceptable to him. We are to be stewards of our lives, time, and talents. No amount of giving of money will substitute for the faithful giving of ourselves.

Blessings Committee

Deacon Frank Sterling is the contact.  510-604-3200

Looking at ways to help the congregation realize their blessings through sharing of time, talent and finances. They help organize the Stewardship Campaign and the Stewardship Brunch.


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“If you desire to praise him, then live what you express. Live good lives, and you yourselves will be his praise.”


To grow God’s church and serve God’s people in our worship, which reflects the richness of the African American culture, and through educational and outreach programs to the community. We welcome all who wish to join us in witness to God’s love, empowerment and mercy.


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