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Renew your Stewardship Pledge!

Investing in our future.
Give what you can of your time, your talents and your treasures, and give it cheerfully – the point isn’t the amount of your annual pledge to St. Augustine’s, but the attitude with which it is made. Responsible and disciplined financial stewardship – giving back to God a portion of what God has given us

– is critical to spiritual health. Give freely, bountifully to God’s work through the work of our parish, and we will all reap bountifully – internally, in running the parish, and externally in our many important outreach ministries.

As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied Grace.
~ ~ 1 Peter 4:10
Stewardship is about more than just donating money.

It is a commitment of your time, talent and treasure. It is about the wise handling of all that God has given. It is a word that combines compassion, generosity, and responsibility. At St. Augustine’s, we encourage our members to put their time and talents to good use. We believe that being good stewards helps ourselves, our community, and, of course, our planet.

What does stewardship have to do with membership? Everything. Stewardship and commitment is vital to the growth of our church and each members’ lives. Stewardship is caring for the environment, assisting others, volunteerism, and giving back for all that God has granted to you.

While a “tenth” (or “tithe”) is a usual guideline at other churches, we promote a deep individual soul search to guide your pledge. For your convenience, the “Proportionate Giving” chart can assist in making your decision. We then challenge you to build upon your giving each year.

5th Sunday Stewardship Offering

The Blessings Team wishes to thank all who generously supported, Our People. Our City. Our Mission. Stewardship Offering and Approach. We received twice the amount of donations that that we anticipated. Members were generous some giving substantial amounts. In another case, one member found $5.00 on the way to church that morning and offered it toward our efforts. All donations support our outreach efforts. This year marks a new stewardship approach. We want St. Augustine’s to connect the life and work of our parish to the pressing concerns within our city including sexual exploitation of minors, gun violence and the plight of foster children and the poor and homeless. When we consider the blessings that we experience on a daily basis like food, friends, shelter and safety, we are hoping that you will reflect on how we as a parish can nurture this same abundance within our city. Your generous gifts will allow St. Augustine’s to broaden its outreach efforts and devote new funds to new ministries... For more information please contact Joseph

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Blessings Team

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

“If you desire to praise him, then live what you express. Live good lives, and you yourselves will be his praise.”


To grow God’s church and serve God’s people in our worship, which reflects the richness of the African American culture, and through educational and outreach programs to the community. We welcome all who wish to join us in witness to God’s love, empowerment and mercy.


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