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Episcopal Church Women 

The St Augustine's Chapter of ECW is part of a national organization made up of parish and diocesan groups. ECW was chartered over one hundred years ago to provide opportunities for all women in the Church. Nowadays parish chapters are carrying on that tradition. Our chapter is vital to the life of our parish. Here is some of what we have done this year to provide meaningful opportunities for our members, and to experience the joy of being part of a team. Our goal is to serve our parish and our neighborhood of Oakland and reach out to a world in need.

  • Financial support to a breakfast program at Laney College which serves students who come to school in need of nourishment.

  • Carry food to the homeless living nearby.

  • A speaker series which has most recently hosted a well-known nutrition and

    health expert.

  • Opportunities for exercise.

  • Annual parish spaghetti dinner

  • Bread baking demonstration

  • Teaming up for coffee hour:

    Setting up, providing a selection of food and beverages, and cleaning up.
    Once a month this effort provides us the opportunity to strengthen the bonds

    among us as we work together.
    One recent Sunday we made soup together.

  • Assisting when asked, e.g., making spaghetti for a Brotherhood crab feed.

  • Making dresses for girls in Haiti in support of a diocesan project.

  • Annualluncheonjustforfun.

    Annual dues are $25.
    No other expenses are necessary in order to be a fully participating member. JOIN US.

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

“If you desire to praise him, then live what you express. Live good lives, and you yourselves will be his praise.”


To grow God’s church and serve God’s people in our worship, which reflects the richness of the African American culture, and through educational and outreach programs to the community. We welcome all who wish to join us in witness to God’s love, empowerment and mercy.


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